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A will specifies how your assets should be dispersed.

A last testament or a will directs how your assets are distributed in the event that something should happen to you.  Making a will is the only way to ensure that those you care about are provided for if you are gone; you should ensure that your family and friends receive what you would wish.  

If you have recently been divorced, you might alter or update your directions for leaving behind portions of your assets (taking your relationship with your now ex-spouse into consideration). The best way to make a will is through your attorney and this need not cost very much at all.

If you have never had a will, or if you are now recently single, now might be a good time to leave directions for your heirs.  Simple wills are quite uncomplicated.   If you have a large amount of assets to plan for, you will want to consult an attorney who can plan your estate with you.  Either way, Mr. Wernicke or an associate with expertise in probate can help you with your estate.


Table of Contents
Section 0) Overview: Handling a Divorce Section 5) Spousal Support  
Section 1) What You Should Know First Section 6) Child Custody  
Section 2) Starting Your Divorce Section 7) Child Support  
Section 3) Domestic Violence Section 8) Updating Your Will  
Section 4) Division of Property Section 9) Make An Appointment  

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